Digital Music Marketing

Arnett Group’s digital media experts bring their skills, creativity and innovation to the music industry and create a better music experience for all stages: artist to producer to fan. Centered in Nashville, we provide an environment that pair’s music with cutting edge technology to best promote your brand as a musician. We offer a cohesive cloud service that provides synchronization and security for effective production. In the marketing aspect, we utilize a tactic known as Direct-to-Fan (D2F) marketing to create personal connections with your audience that build relationships and spreads your music throughout the industry.

What is Music Cloud Service?

Arnett Groups’ cloud-certified engineers will help design a customized architecture that will take your band to the next level. Choose from a public or private cloud, dedicated servers, co-location or a hybrid mix of offerings. Each purpose-built solution is hosted, managed and protected in your choice of world class data centers or through our partner network – located across the United States. We are partnered with Dell, EMC, F5, Fortinet, Juniper and VMWare to provide you the best cloud technology options.

Backup and recovery, security and compliance, as well application support are provided on top of our managed technology services. These services allow our customers to build a solution that addresses multiple IT requirements and to take advantage of all our managed cloud partner has to offer.

What is Direct-to-Fan(D2F) marketing?

The D2F platform is a way for an artist to connect to their fans by selling directly to them on their website. Through the creative business model of D2F marketing, artists are allowed the freedom to eliminate the need for a middleman. Rather than going to another source, their fan can pay the artist to download their single. This provides the artist with an effective resource that allows him or her to keep a higher percentage of sales compared to the current business model in which major labels, distributors or other sources can take 30% or more away from the artist. It is essential as an artist to develop loyalty and provide exclusive access with their fan base, a D2F platform makes it possible.

From social platforms to a full suite of music business solutions, we have been working with the music industry in Nashville for years. Arnett Group will take the D2F business model and promote your music to millions of music fans around the web. We can provide you with the tools needed to market your music directly to your fans and build a successful business doing what you love to do.