Data Center Decommissioning

Data center decommissioning involves disposing of an organization’s data center’s infrastructure in a manner that eliminates all possible risks of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. Since it is so important to maintain the security of this data, it should never be taken lightly. The larger the data center infrastructure you have, the more serious you should be about it.  Arnett Group can assist our clients in the decommissioning and hard drive destruction as well as disposing of electronic equipment, cooling systems, and infrastructure from their data centers. Our experienced teams of technicians have extensive knowledge of the precautions, governmental regulations, and disposal methods associated with this unique industry.


Asset Resale & Recycling Services

Arnett Group will assist in the resale of your assets that you wish to market.  This service offers an environmentally appropriate and convenient way to dispose of computer Equipment. Depending on which versions of the Service you purchase, there are generally up to five key features to the Service:
  • Scheduling
  • Pick Up
  • Processing
  • Reporting
  • Return to the Leasing Agency